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Tech Support:

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Hughey & Phillips offers a vast selection of repair services for tower lighting controllers, flashheads and beacons. Our repair service department offers customers a fast and economical method to overhaul their fielded equipment for years of operation. Our experienced technicians are trained to repair a variety of your obstruction lighting needs; our services include but are not limited to:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Refurbishing Flashheads and Power supplies
  • Repair of flashheads, power supplies, and light engines

We also offer Repair Overhaul Kits for the following power supplies:

  • FG3000B Power Supply
  • FG3000 Power Supply
  • FG2000B Power Supply
  • FG2000 Power Supply
  • SS125 HI-INT Power Supply

Please call and our dedicated staff will assist you with all of your obstruction lighting repair inquiries.

Customer Support:

Kay Titus
Phone: (937) 652-3500 ext. 316