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Hughey & Phillips Keeps Cell Towers Lit, Aircraft Safe

Hughey & Phillips Keeps Cell Towers Lit, Aircraft Safe

For more than 86 years, Hughey & Phillips LLC’s tower lighting has kept countless aircraft and helicopters safe. The company has designed and manufactured and sold a full line of aviation obstruction lighting systems, which meet the stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines.

When the company opened in the 1930s, it provided the lighting used at airports and for railroads. “Hughey & Phillips’ extensive history in aviation lighting systems are born from the collaboration between our airfield products and obstruction lighting products. This combination of engineering forces complements all of our product lines and affords utilization of common components,” Grant Lee, Sales Manager, Hughey & Phillips, said.

Today, Hughey & Phillips specializes in obstruction lighting and control solutions for telecom towers and broadcast. Obstruction lighting is required by the FAA for any structure taller than 200 feet, including towers, and Hughey & Phillips provides the appropriate lighting system, controls, tech support and maintenance.

A full line of quality obstruction products is available including low, medium, high-intensity systems. For smooth installations, all H&P system kits include essential components. The company also provides replacement equipment, such as light bulbs or flash tubes, that are part of the obstruction lighting.

“All Hughey & Phillips products are American made,” Lee said. “The evolution of the H&P product line is an ongoing R&D process based on our history of experience and the long running installed products in the field. We listen to domestic and international customer demands and expectations in our product development process,” Lee said. The company has more than a million systems deployed around the world, according to Lee. All of Hughey & Phillips’ products are produced in Coral Springs, FL, Mansfield, OH, and Urbana, OH.

Hughey & Phillips also has a long-term partnership with TowerSentry, a long-time tower light-monitoring company. TowerSentry monitors obstruction lighting 24 hours a day. The monitoring includes anything that could go wrong. It makes sure the power is functioning, each light is on, all doors are closed. If there is a problem with the power or a light for 30 minutes, the FAA requires the monitoring team to put out a NOTAM (notice to airmen) to pilots in the area so they are aware that lights may be out on a tower.

In 2019, Hughey & Phillips acquired an airfield lighting product line from Astronics, which served the aerospace, defense, and industry markets worldwide. This line of products further rounded out the H&P portfolio. In conjunction with their current products, the airfield lighting product line puts the H&P team second in the FAA ranking of approved fixtures offered to the market.

“With acquisition of airfield lighting manufacturer Astronics, we diversified our offerings and our capabilities,” Lee said. “We will continue to bring new, innovative products to market to meet growing customer needs and expectations.”

Lee says it’s not just our company’s high-quality products, or the 86 years of experience, or its seven patents in tower lighting products, or even the fact they are made in the United States that is the key differentiator for Hughey & Phillips. “Our key differentiator is our customer service,” he said. “And, in my estimation, our greatest accomplishment this last year has been the way the team members have pulled together to continue to provide world class service during these very difficult times.”

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