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Hughey & Phillips Introduces New IR Medium Intensity LED Lighting

Urbana, Ohio — Hughey & Phillips (H&P), a global leader in the obstruction lighting industry, is introducing the new HORIZON HALO™ IR Modification system. The HALO system comprises of a medium intensity mounting bracket, junction box and IR Light Source. Incandescent and Xenon-Strobe technologies produced a light source that allowed the fixture be to seen with the naked eye and NVG. With the emergence of LED based lighting systems over the past 15 years, the visible spectrum of lighting for Night Vision Goggles (NVG) has been diminished.

The HALO system is designed to operate alongside any current medium intensity LED fixture on the market. The HALO will automatically flash in sync and with the same flash duration of the LED fixture during night operation. This is achieved with a patent pending optical interface that senses the light source and mimics it flash. The HALO output is engineered to also match the brightness level of the visible LED source, so the pilot sees the same light whether operating under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) or NVG.

The HALO can be installed without the removal of the existing LED fixture. Simply loosen the four beacon bolts securing the LED fixture to its mounting plate, slide the HALO bracket between the fixture and plate, secure the beacon bolts. Once secured, wire the system with the supplied cable and connect to a 120-240VAC 50/60Hz power source. The HALO can also be remote monitored with the dry-contact alarm provided, allowing the tower owner verification that the HALO is operating normally since the IR light is not visible to the naked eye.

An added benefit of the HALO design is the capability for future upgrades if the next generation IR specifications are changed. Current LED/IR fixtures are limited to only current IR technology and provide no option to modify the fixture to the next generation of IR emitters without a complete fixture change.

“Our customers have come to rely on Hughey & Phillips to provide the next generation of cutting-edge LED obstruction lighting solutions. The new H&P HORIZON HALO IR System fills the need for providing pilots the most advanced IR solution for installed LED fixtures. H&P is committed to providing lighting solutions that not only meet the FAA guidelines, but also to ensure that the pilots can recognize aviation hazards visually, with the naked eye or using goggles. We’re proud to add another offering to our HORIZON line with features and benefits customers have come to expect from H&P,” said Jeff Jacobs, Director – Technical Sales for Hughey & Phillips.

About Hughey & Phillips

Hughey & Phillips is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of obstruction lighting technology. The company engineers and designs a complete line of low, medium and high intensity lighting technology solutions that provide illumination for radio, television, and communication towers; wind turbines; buildings; smokestacks; bridges; and other obstructions to aerial navigation.

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