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Solar Array Package

FAA Type: A-1 Medium Intensity LED Red Obstruction Light

The solar array system is complete with all the necessary equipment for the installation, including all of the hardware and wiring – the exception being the pole.

135 Watt Solar Panel
Each solar array module has a peak output of 8.37 Amps at 22.1 Volts under Standard Test Conditions of 1000W/cm² Irradiance; 25°C; and Air Mass 1.5. The module has a glass front glass surface and includes an integral aluminum frame and a weather resistant junction box. The module has a 20 year limited warranty.

Each sealed valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery, is capable of 265AH @ 100 hour rate 12 Volt to provide energy during periods of cloudy weather. The battery is filled with electrolyte suspended in a thixotropic gel, which allows the battery to be placed upright, or on its side. Battery provides minimum of 3 days of load back up.

Mounting Structure
Each side of pole mounting structure for solar array modules.

System Enclosure
Pre-assembled Aluminum White Powder Coated, 40”D X 27”W X 13”H with stainless steel hardware; padlock latch

Charge Controller
The system controller controls the charging of the system batteries based on voltage and temperature. The controller features low voltage disconnect to protect the batteries from over discharge. The charging algorithm is a solid state type that features temperature compensation charging. On board short circuit protection is standard.

System Cables
System wiring is also provided to complete the system installation. All cables necessary to interconnect the solar module, solar module to the system controller, controller to battery and controller to the load are included with the system. All cables have sunlight resistant jackets to protect them from the weather and the environment.

  • (1) 50-0002-010: FAA Type L-864 Medium Intensity Red LED Fixture, 48VDC
  • (2) 45-1008-001: FAA Type L-810 Low Intensity Red LED Fixtures, 48VDC
  • (1) 70-0015-003: FAA Alarmed Controller, Photocell, 48VDC
  • (1) 96900010: Installation Kit for cabled lighting system

Customer will provide total length required for installation cable, CBL0006-xxx.

  • System Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Solar Array Watts: 1080 W
  • Days of Storage: 7+

Packages can be customized to meet any needs or specification. Please contact Hughey & Phillips sales for assistance.

Product Image

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