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PAPI (E Spec)

The E Spec PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) is a visual guidance lighting system that provides positive visual indication of an aircraft's position relative to the optimal glide slope during final approach to the runway.

Data Sheet (.pdf)

FAA Type Number – FA 24000
Classification Type L-880
Style L1
Class II

The PAPI is a visual aid that provides guidance information to help a pilot acquire and maintain the correct approach (in the vertical plane) to an airport. It is generally located beside the runway approximately 300 meters (1000 feet) beyond the landing threshold of the runway. The PAPI system consists of the following primary components: four Lamp Housing Assemblies (LHAs), a Power and Control Assembly (PCA), an Aiming Instrument Set (AIS), and four Leg Assembly Kits (one kit for each LHA).

  • 6.6A, 200W Quartz halogen lamps rated for over 1,000 hours on high intensity setting.
  • Operates in day or night mode and automatically switches intensity levels depending on the ambient light conditions.
  • The Lamp Housing Assembly (LHA) includes a tilt switch system which turns off the lamps when the optical pattern is lowered or raised for more than 10 seconds with respect to the preset aiming angle.
  • Stable three-leg adjustable mounting legs for aiming the LHAs.
  • Supports optional Air-to-Ground receiver/controller.
  • Easily accessible cabinets for maintenance and repair. A pad lock can also be added.
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