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OWM Series Wire Marker Ball

Compliant for use with: FAA Advisory Circular AC 70/7460-1K, Canadian Aviation Regulation 621.19, ICAO Annex 14

Markers used to highlight structures when it is impractical to make them conspicuous by painting. Markers may also be used in addition to aviation orange and white paint when additional conspicuity is necessary for aviation safety. They should be displayed in conspicuous positions on or adjacent to the structures so as to retain the general definition of the structure. They should be recognizable in clear air from a distance of at least 4,000 feet (1219m) and in all directions from which aircraft are likely to approach. Markers should be distinctively shaped, i.e. spherical, cylindrical, so they are not mistaken for items that are used to convey other information. They should be replaced when faded or otherwise deteriorated.

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Spacing. Markers should be spaced equally along the wire at intervals of approximately 200 feet (61m) or fraction thereof. Intervals between markers should be less in critical areas near runway ends (i.e., 30 to 50 feet). They should be displayed on the highest wire or by another means at the same height as the highest wire. Where there is more than one wire at the highest point, the markers may be installed alternately along each wire if the distance between adjacent markers meets the spacing standard. This method allows the weight and wind loading factors to be distributed.

Pattern. An alternating color scheme provides the most conspicuity against all backgrounds. Mark overhead wires by alternating solid colored markers of aviation orange, white, and yellow. Normally, an orange sphere is placed at each end of a line and the spacing is adjusted (not to exceed 200 feet) to accommodate the rest of the markers. When less than four markers are used, they should all be aviation orange.

OWM0901 Wire Marker, Orange, 9”
OWM1201 Wire Marker, Orange, 12”
OWM2001 Wire Marker, Orange, 20”
OWM2401 Wire Marker, Orange, 24”
OWM3001 Wire Marker, Orange, 30”
OWM3601 Wire Marker, Orange, 36”
OWM0902 Wire Marker, White, 9”
OWM1202 Wire Marker, White, 12”
OWM2002 Wire Marker, White, 20”
OWM2402 Wire Marker, White, 24”
OWM3002 Wire Marker, White, 30”
OWM3602 Wire Marker, White, 36”
OWM0903 Wire Marker, Yellow, 9”
OWM1203 Wire Marker, Yellow, 12”
OWM2003 Wire Marker, Yellow, 20”
OWM2403 Wire Marker, Yellow, 24”
OWM3003 Wire Marker, Yellow, 30”
OWM3603 Wire Marker, Yellow, 36”
Product Image

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