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Airfield Tools

Tools used in the installation and maintenance of airfield lighting fixtures, such as a cable end stripper/penciller, a light base setting fixture, a compression crimper and leveling tools.

Data Sheet (.pdf)

The Airport Lighting Cable End Stripper / Penciller is used for 0.5 in (12.70 mm) taper cuts of #8, 5KV L-824 Type C airport lighting cable.

The AW9100 & AW9101 Setting Fixture is used to set both L-867 & L-868 light bases with 10.25”, 11.25”, 13.25” & 14.25” bolt patterns.

The Compression Crimper has a five-nested die wheel with red, gray, blue, brown and green color-keyed lug nests and an ergonomically designed handle for ease of crimping.

The Leveling Tools are designed to facilitate the installation of the L-861 and L-862 elevated fixtures.

Refer to the data sheet for ordering information.

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