HP installs new regulators at Atlanta Hartfield and Regan Airport.

Hughey & Phillips Completed CCR project at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

URBANA, O.H., September 12, 2023 —Hughey & Phillips (H&P), a global leader in the airfield and obstruction lighting industry is pleased to announce its completion of the constant current regulators at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport as a part of the ATLNEXT 20 year development program.   

The existing runway CCRs, 15 each 30KW were supplied by 2400V 60HZ single phase power, were replaced with   15KW CCRs. These 15KW CCRs were furnished with tapping for 15KW, 10KW, and 7.5KW outputs that could be matched to the LED circuits. The new 15KW CCRs represented a savings of 264KW/HR with further savings possible by matching the CCR to the new LED lighting loads.

The existing twenty-six (26) each 15KW CCRs were mostly for use with taxiway lighting and were supplied by 480V 60HZ single phase supply. These CCRs were replaced with 10KW CCRs with output taps of 7.5KW, and 5KW. The cabinets of the new CCR were designed for exact fit replacement of the existing older CCRs to allow for easy and efficient installation. The direct replacement of these CCRs represented a savings of 160KW/HR with more savings possible by matching the CCR load taps to the new LED lighting.

The 26 each 10KWs were coordinated with the contractor for shipment followed by the quantity 15 each 15KWs.

“Our customers have come to rely on Hughey & Phillips regulators to provide the next generation of cutting-edge airfield lighting solutions.  We are honored to be chosen by the Atlanta Hartsfield as their supplier for this critical airfield solution.  said Leroy Blizzard, CCR Engineering of Hughey & Phillips.


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Hughey & Phillips Completes Contract for Constant Current Regulators and Airfield Lighting Controls for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Airfield Lighting Systems 

URBANA, O.H., September 13, 2023—Hughey & Phillips (H&P), a global leader in the airfield and obstruction lighting industry, is pleased to announce the completion of an airfield lighting project with the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority for Ronald Reagan National Airport. The contract required all new airfield lighting equipment to be installed in a new relocated airfield electrical vault. The project was necessary due to the local flooding caused by the Potomac River overflowing into the electrical vault’ s present location. The new vault was relocated to a different location with higher elevation and designed to raise equipment off the floor.  

H&P was awarded the contract to furnish all the new airfield lighting equipment in the vault, required to distribute the power and lighting to the complete airfield through the new electrical vault. The equipment consisted of FAA L-828 Constant Current Regulators, FAA L-847 Circuit Selector Switches for four individual lighting circuits, a rotating beacon control, a Runway End Identifier Light system (REIL) controller, an FAA interface control cabinet (for control and monitor of FAA equipment), and series of disconnect cutouts for each airfield circuit.  While most equipment was FAA certified, some were custom engineered and manufactured to their local use. H&P designed and furnished all the equipment for their specific needs. 

Contract required submittals on all equipment and to be approved before release for manufacture. The delivery of equipment was coordinated with the new building construction schedule, along with the installation of equipment, cutover of the circuits to existing airfield lighting, on-site technical support for startup of the new equipment, on-site support for cutover to the airfield lighting, and a training program for training employees on the new equipment was all part of this contracted project. H&P supported all these requirements on time. 

“Our customers have come to rely on Hughey & Phillips to provide the next generation of cutting-edge airfield lighting solutions.  We are excited that H&P was approved by the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority as the supplier for this critical compatible airfield solution.  Our efforts in the release to build the equipment involved providing equipment for the specific needs resulted in getting them a solution that will support the airfield lighting at Ronald Reagan Washington National for many years”, said Leroy Blizzard, CCR Engineering, Hughey & Phillips. 


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