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Misc Airfield products including tools

Tower Equipment

Tower Equipment ATC Signal Gun   DASI   VSBP ATC Signal Light Gun The Signal Light Gun is a back-up communication device for use in Air Traffic Control Towers. Visual signals can be transmitted to aircraft and ground equipment when radio communication is not available. Data Sheet (.pdf) Product Information The features of the Signal Light Gun…
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Markers Surface-Mounted   Soil-Mounted   Reflective Light Locator Surface-Mounted The Taxiway Reflective Marker is used to mark the edges of taxiways and ramps at airports and heliports. Data Sheet (.pdf) Product Information FAA AC 150/5345-39, L-853 ETL Certified Application Taxiway Reflective Markers are used to mark the edges of taxiways and ramps at airports and heliports. They…
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Airfield Tools

Airfield Tools Overview Tools used in the installation and maintenance of airfield lighting fixtures, such as a cable end stripper/penciller, a light base setting fixture, a compression crimper and leveling tools. Data Sheet (.pdf) Product Information The Airport Lighting Cable End Stripper / Penciller is used for 0.5 in (12.70 mm) taper cuts of #8,…
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Runway Closure Marker

Runway Closure Marker Overview The L-893 LED Runway Closure Marker is an effective method to warn pilots of closed runways and taxiways. Data Sheet (.pdf) Product Information L-893 (L) FAA AC 150/5345-55 (current edition) FAA Engineering Brief 67 ETL Certified FAA AC 150/5370-2 Safety Recommendation A-03-05 Application The LED Runway Closure Marker can be positioned…
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