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Field Lightning Arrestor

Field Lightning Arrestor


The Field Lightning Arrestor is designed to help provide circuit protection from transient activity (such as lightning strikes or power surges) that can potentially damage lighting fixtures on an airfield and equipment located in an electrical vault.

Data Sheet (.pdf)

Product Information

It is recommended that arrestor units be installed on the 5kV primary series circuit, starting as close to the vault as possible and then approximately every 2,000 feet (600m). Arrestors may be installed at closer intervals, if desired, to further reduce the risk of lightning/surge damage.


  • May be installed on any airfield circuit (6.6A from 4kW to 30 kW and 20A from 15kW to 70kW).
  • No maintenance required. If a unit fails, simply replace it with a new one.
  • A unit may be installed in a base can or direct earth buried.
  • The enclosure is made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic and is waterproof (meets IP68).
  • Arrestors are compatible with all types of Constant Current Regulators, light fixtures (Quartz and LED), and isolation transformers.
  • A ¼”-20 stainless steel stud provides solid ground connection for #6 AWG or larger ground wire.
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage: 5000VAC
  • Series resistance: “0” Ohms
  • Peak surge current: 25kA.

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