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Airfield Mat System

Airfield Mat System


The Airfield Mat System is used to protect runway and taxiway lights.

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Product Information

The Airfield Mat System is used to protect runway and taxiway fixtures by keeping mowers and any other equipment away from the light. These mats also alleviate the need for manual line trimming by controlling vegetation and they reduce the need to spray poisonous chemicals around the lights.


  • Saves Labor Costs. Countless man-hours are accrued during the tedious task of line-trimming airfield lights to ensure visibility. Mowing equipment can overlap the mat, eliminating the need for grass trimming, thus saving time, money, and labor.
  • Prevents Health and Safety Hazards. The light saver system eliminates the need to spread toxic chemicals, reducing the time a ground crew will need to be performing hazardous tasks in potentially dangerous locations.
  • Prevents Costly Equipment Breakage. During routine grounds maintenance using large and imprecise mowing equipment, crews often report broken lights and posts. Using the Airfield Mat allows the mower to cruise past each light with a wider contingency space.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Some airports use weed and grass-killers to control growth around airfield lights. The Airfield Mat eliminates the use of such chemicals, protecting ground water and wildlife and eliminating airfield crew exposure.
  • Quick and Easy Installation. Airfield Mats are secured to the earth with Airfield Mat Systems recessed Ground Anchoring System. The anchors can be quickly and easily installed by one person. These durable anchors will hold the mat securely even in the most adverse weather conditions, and prevent displacement from prop-wash or jet-blast.
  • Long Lasting Zero Profile. The low profile anchors are made of steel while the Airfield Mats are made from durable synthetic rubber compounds. Both materials have proven resistance to nature’s elements. The Airfield Mat System can be installed and forgotten, while the benefits continue year after year.

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