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L-821-LE-821 Airfield Lighting Control Panels

L-821/LE-821 Airfield Lighting Control Panels


The L-821/LE-821 control panels are designed to provide smaller airports complete airfield lighting control.

Data Sheet (.pdf)

Product Information

FAA AC 150/5345-3F, L-821

Product Application

Relays, switches and human interfaces are all combined into one compact unit for most applications thereby eliminating additional panels and providing a straight forward and economical installation.


  • An effective, low maintenance and economical airfield lighting control system that utilizes state-of-the-art electrical components proven through decades of industrial use in the harshest of environments.
  • Thoughtfully designed as “Plug and Play” with contractor friendly cage clamp terminal blocks to route directly to regulators and other switch gear.
  • High quality cabinetry with industrial grade relays and silver contact switches will provide decades of trouble free service and low life cycle costs.
  • Custom designed exactly to your lighting control needs.

Features Unique to the LE-821

  • Touch screen interfaces allow remote operation, networking and a myriad of control options at a fraction of the cost of a full L-890 system–perfect for mid-sized and military airfields.
  • Optional fiber optic or wireless links are designed for vault remodels and tower retrofits by eliminating bulky and expensive multi-strand copper lines.
  • Completely self-contained with “soft key” buttons customized to your exact needs for virtually unlimited control options.

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