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Constant Current Regulator

Constant Current Regulator (CCR)

L-828/L-829 CCR



The Navigate Series® L-828/L-829 Constant Current Regulator (CCR) is used to provide power to airfield lighting systems.

Data Sheet (.pdf)
User Manual (.pdf)

Product Information

AC 150/5345-10 (current edition)
ETL Certified
Certificate of Conformance 828 (.pdf)
Certificate of Conformance 829 (.pdf)
Meets “Buy American” requirements.
ICAO: Annex 14


The Navigate Series® L-828/L-829 CCR provides a selectable AC constant current to change the airfield lighting intensity according to existing visibility conditions.  The system may be operated locally (via keypad) or remotely (from tower control system).  Output is configured for 1, 3, or 5 brightness steps.


  • Provisions for floor mounting, and the 4kW and 7.5kW types are stackable to save space.
  • Digital precision control of waveform, high-speed response, and local data storage.
  • Membrane keys with tactile response give maintenance workers immediate feedback and ease of menu navigation.
  • Ferroresonant design provides a stable output current that is not affected by flashing loads.
  • All CCRs are user configurable, including selection of 1 to 5 brightness steps, output current adjustment, selection of monitoring features, operational parameters and alarm setpoints.
  • Diagnostic Data & User settings are accessible via RS-232 PC connection.


S1 Cutout  

The Astronics DME Airfield Lighting S1 Cutout provides a safe method for isolating the field circuit from the constant current regulator (CCR) for testing or maintenance.

Data Sheet (.pdf)

Product Information

FAA AC 150/5340-30, Design and Installation for Airport Visual Aids
ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual Doc 9157, Part 5


The S1 Cutout consists of a base and a handle that provides a convenient means of testing the field circuit without disconnecting the field cables from the CCR.  The S1 Cutout can be installed internally within the CCR or external to the CCR.


  • Compatible with all types of L-828/L-829 CCRs and L-847 circuit sensors operating at 6.6A or 20A output current.
  • Designed to operate at 5000V and withstand a hi-pot test of 23kW for 1 minute.
  • Designed for operation from -55 oC to +55 oC and in areas of high humidity.
  • Constructed with flame retardant materials  (solepoxy resin and glastic-fiberglass reinforced thermo-set polyester) specifically selected for their insulation properties.
  • Size compatibility for direct replacement of a majority of existing cutouts.
  • Handles are ergonomically designed to make insertion and extraction effortless.

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