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Hughey & Phillips Announces Company Expansion

Urbana, Ohio (PRWEB) October 19, 2011 – Hughey & Phillips, a global leader in the obstruction lighting industry, recently announced a company expansion. Setting the pace for the obstruction lighting industry, Hughey & Phillips’ company expansion allows for more manufacturing, testing and office space required to meet the growing demand for its products and services.

The new 50,000 square foot building adds to the existing 20,000 square foot buildings and provides H&P the space required to support manufacturing growth with additional engineering, technical and customer support staff and capabilities. The growth also includes additional testing and qualification facilities and equipment to ensure each product meets rigorous quality standards.

The H&P expansion will also provide facilities for product development as the company adds product lines. Over the next nine months, H&P will release at least five new products to the market. The HORIZON Series will be the latest in LED technology for the obstruction lighting market. The HORIZON Series is available for new installations and the conversion of existing incandescent lighting fixtures.

Responding to a growing demand for their lighting solutions, the H&P expansion encompasses state of the art testing facilities and equipment to pave the way for continued growth in staff and product lines. “At Hughey and Phillips, we are always looking for new ways to meet and exceed our customers' needs with quality obstruction lighting solutions,” said Richard Finkbine, executive vice president of Hughey & Phillips.

About Hughey & Phillips
Hughey & Phillips is a global leading manufacturer of obstruction lighting technology. Hughey & Phillips engineers and designs low, medium and high intensity lighting technology solutions that provide illumination for radio and television transmission towers, communications and microwave antennas, wind turbines, grain elevators, buildings, smokestacks, bridges, and other obstructions to aerial navigation.

*Article posted on June 21, 2016

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