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Universal Horizon™ Controller

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The Universal HORIZON Controller (UHC) combines the finest in digital circuitry with rugged construction to yield the industry’s most comprehensive obstruction lighting controller. The UHC is designed to operate a FAA Type A1, D1 or E1 lighting system by the push of a button. One-button calibration allows the user to order just one model to operate and monitor any configuration. The UHC is available in different input/output voltage configurations – AC/AC, DC/DC, or AC/DC. All models have a NEMA 4 outdoor housing Universal-HORIZON-Controller-UHCwith the option to upgrade to 304 Stainless Steel. A calibrated switched-leg photocell is used for automatic day/night switching. The UHC will provide over 20 Fault Codes for quick analysis of system condition. User programmed System Configuration Switches allow for modification of controller to meet site requirements. The UHC provides comprehensive status indicators and alarm contacts for easy connection to remote monitoring systems.

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Compliant to: FAA AC 150/5345-43, FAA AC 70-7460-1, ICAO Annex 14, CAR 621.19


  • Controls to flash beacon and sidelights per FAA and ICAO specifications (Avian Friendly)
  • Panel Mount Switches for ease of calibration and testing
  • Push-button Alarm Verification
  • Beacon & Sidelight Alarm Threshold Switches
  • Front Panel System Configuration Switches
  • Safety Interlock Switch
  • ON/OFF Control Power Switch
  • Lightning protection on all inputs & outputs
  • Powder-coated NEMA 4 enclosure
  • System Upgradable to CARDIO™ Web-based Interface for Control & Monitoring


Alarm Contacts / Control Status:

  • Individual alarm contacts and control status is provided for:
    • Control Power/System Failure
    • Day/Night Mode status
    • HORIZON™ Beacon failure
    • HORIZON™ Sidelight failure
  • Number of sidelight lamps being monitored can easily change by setting threshold dial
  • Bi-color red/green LED status indicators provide instant indication of alarm and control status
  • Normally open and normally closed alarm contacts are both available


  • Housing Type: NEMA 4 Painted Steel
    • Optional 304L Stainless Steel upon request
  • Housing Size: 16” x 14” x 6” (406mm x 355mm x 152mm)
  • Transient Protection: Line Voltage and Output Voltage Protection
  • Indicators: Bi-color LED indicators
  • Temperature: -40°C - +55° C (-40°F - 131°F)

Calibration, Configuration, & Status:



Model # Input Voltage Output Voltage Beacon Sidelight Level Photocell**
D1 or E1
70-0015-001 120/240VAC 120/240VAC 1 1 (1-4 lamps) 77-3259 77-3258
70-0015-003 +48VDC +48VDC 1 1 (1-4 lamps) MSC0037 MSC0040
70-0015-005 120/240VAC 48VDC 1 1 (1-4 lamps) MSC0037 MSC0040
70-0015-007 -48VDC +48VDC 1 1 (1-4 lamps) MSC0037 MSC0040
70-0017-001 120/240VAC 120/240VAC 3 2 (1-4 lamps) 77-3259 77-3258
70-0017-003 +48VDC +48VDC 3 2 (1-4 lamps) MSC0037 MSC0040
70-0017-005 120/240VAC 48VDC 3 2 (1-4 lamps) MSC0037 MSC0040
70-0017-007 -48VDC +48VDC 3 2 (1-4 lamps) MSC0037 MSC0040

**Photocell sold separately

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