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TSMS Tower Monitoring System

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Part # MSC0050
FAA Type A-1, D-1 & E-1 Lighting Systems


The TSMS Monitoring system is designed for all lighting systems and tower sites with alarm dry contact outputs. With up to 48 zones, 8 partitions, and a host of integrated access, verification, and input/output modules, the TSMS system is a whole-site monitoring system. The standard unit comes with 8 Dry Contact points, with expansion modules optional for up to 144 Dry Contact points. The system can be configured to give automatic email or SMS text messages for instant notification of failures, changes in status, or NOTAMs issued by the TowerSentry operators. The intermittent failure detection helps provide early notification of problems before they become a major failure. Intelligent programming provides second verification to help eliminate false alarms. Includes a NEMA 4 outdoor housing and wiring, connectors and water-tight flex.

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  • FCC Approved system allows for Quarterly Lighting Inspection (QLI) Waiver
  • Wireless Radio eliminates the need for a phone line
  • Low monthly monitoring fee includes communication costs
  • 8 Dry Contact points with the option to expand up to 144 Dry Contact points
  • Interfaces with all brands and models of lighting systems and tower site equipment that provide alarm outputs
  • Color coded terminal blocks for simple installation
  • Remote functions allow TowerSentry operators to cycle lighting system
  • Auto-resets to ensure constant connection
  • Built-in AC Power Fail Alarm, Daily Status Test, and Day/Night Mode Alarm Relay
  • 5AHr Battery Backup
  • NEMA 4 fiberglass enclosure

Alarm Contacts / Control Status:

  • Individual alarm contacts and control status is provided for:
    • Day/night mode status
    • Built-In AC Power Fail alarm removes the need for add-on option in lighting controller
  • Number of levels of beacons and sidelight lamps being monitored fully customizable
  • Capable of receiving alarms from normally open and normally closed alarm contacts

System Components:

  • Tower Monitoring Enclosure
  • Internal Antenna
  • 12V-5AHr Backup Battery
  • 4 Feet of ½” Flex Conduit & Wire Pack

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