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Series 800 PhotoController & Beacon Flasher

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The Hughey & Phillips Series 800 PhotoController and Beacon Flasher provides a low cost, high reliability solution to your lighting needs. This unalarmed system allows for the user to add an inline system to their conduit run on the tower to control the installed FAA beacons and sidelights. the systems are factory calibrated and never need adjustment. Each system utilizes surge and transient components and additional input line protection. Normally closed solid state relay configuration assures “Lights ON” condition even if the circuitry fails. Red LED provides quick visual verification of field operation. And with its modular design, it allows for quick field installation or retrofit to existing system if ever damaged.

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Model Number Description
S800PC120 Photo controller, 120VAC
S800PC240 Photo controller, 240VAC
S800BF120 Beacon Flasher, 120VAC
S800BF240 Beacon Flasher, 240VAC

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