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Lightning Rod Assembly

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The Lightning Rod Assembly, LRB58L7510M, is designed for, and is widely used on antenna towers associated with microwave relay installations, high-definition broadcast towers, and other structures prone to lightning strikes. Consisting of a 7/8" diameter rod and a base mounting ring designed for ready installation under existing medium intensity lighting fixtures with a 13-1/4" bolt hole pattern. The A6A0302AB Lightning Rod extends approximately two feet above a standard 300mm code beacon in order to reduce the probability that lightning will strike the lighting fixture. This will minimize the possibility of damage to the lighting fixture and the wiring from cloud to ground lightning strikes.

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Ease of Installation:

The base mounting ring is designed for installation underneath the base of a medium intensity lighting fixture with a 13-1/4" bolt hole pattern without requiring additional holes in the tower. It is only necessary to remove two of the four mounting bolts in order to install the ring under the existing fixture. The other two beacon mounting bolts must be loosened sufficiently to enable the installer to slide the lightning rod mounting ring under the fixture. Slotted holes are provided in the base mounting ring in order that the ring may be rotated to avoid interference with the tower bolts or details. The mounting ring should be positioned so that the rod is located at either side of the fixture in order to avoid interference during opening of the fixture for maintenance.


The base mounting ring is an aluminum casting, tapped to accept the threaded rod. The rod is fabricated from 7/8" diameter material threaded at one end for insertion into the mounting ring. The rod is specially treated after fabrication to withstand weathering.

Part Numbers:

LRB58L7510M Lightning Rod Assembly
A6A0302A13 Lightning Rod
A6A0302AA2 Mounting Ring
NH7510CB2 Jam Nut

Mounting Bracket for Dual Lighting

Part # KG 0926M001



Beacon/Strobe Mounting Bracket



Mounting bracket will accommodate vertical tower members from 1.5” to 4.5” in diameter. Standard “U”– bolts are used to secure the bracket to the tower.

To mount beacon or strobe to the
bracket, use H&P mounting assembly
Part number – A6A0001SE.

Strobe Mounting Bracket for:

  1. Model KG114 - Red Beacon
  2. Model KG225 - Strobe
  3. Model FG2000 - Strobe
  4. Model FG3000 - Strobe

Material: galvanized steel

Beacon/Strobe Ice Shield Assembly



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